XtremeProtex Mask Shield kills bacteria and viruses. When applied to your mask, XtremeProteX Mask Shield provides continuous viral and bacterial killing protection for 4+ hours per application. Two-way inbound and outbound virus transmission protection.

XtremeProtex Mask Shield destroys bacteria while refreshing and extending mask life. Non-Toxic and safe for both adults and children killing viruses and bacteria immediately on contact. The patented formula is all natural, contains no alcohol, and non-flammable.

DGH Pharma mask protection solutions provide both inbound and outbound virus protection with same 4+ hour duration per application. Significantly, DGH Pharma solutions are classified by MHRA as a medical product, whereas alcohol based sanitizers are classified as a cosmetic over the counter (OTC) products.

Why Use XtremeproteX?

• Kills Covid-19 & Other Viruses

• 4hr+ Continuous Virus Protection

• Extends the Life of Your Mask

• Medical Grade Formula

• Doctor Recommended

• Natural & Nontoxic

Medical Grade

Manufacturing Facilities are FDA Approved and MHRA Licensed

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