The Problem

Bacteria and pathogens can survive on surfaces for extended periods of time and transfer through touch to others. The CDC recommends regular and thorough hand washing to help prevent the spread of disease—but hand washing only kills pathogens already on your hands. You can become infected immediately after washing.

The Solution

A revolutionary bacteria and pathogen defense system developed by DGH, XtremeProtex sanitizes and provides anti-bacterial skin protection against pathogens in a one-step application that is alcohol-free.

XtremeProtex Hand Shield kills COVID-19, Covid Variants, C-Diff and other viruses on contact utilizing a unique patented formula that safely penetrates the first layer of skin providing protection that won’t wash off. Copper and magnesium platelets combine to safely protect skin and hands for 4+ hours per application.

Making an Impact

Alcohol based hand sanitiser protection is typically less than one minute until the product evaporates on skin. DGH Pharma patented, MHRA Classified Medical, alcohol-free hand sanitizing solutions kill Covid and Variants, C-Diff, C-Diff Spores, MRSA, Influenza, and other pathogens and bacteria for 4+ hours per application. Products are FDA Cleared, MHRA advised medical, alcohol-free, non-flammable, non-toxic.

Medical Grade

Manufacturing Facilities are FDA Approved and MHRA Licensed

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